Building the Fourth Safe Home For Women

Nisa Homes will be the first transitional home coming to Calgary offering safety to Muslim women and children fleeing domestic violence, and/or struggling with resettlement, poverty or homelessness. Nisa homes is a confidentially located safe home, which provides holistic services where women can regain the confidence, means, and ability to lead a successful, independent and self-sufficient life.

What is Nisa Homes?

1 in 5 women in Canada experience some form of abuse in an intimate relationship. The government provided shelters are often overcrowded and sometimes even unsafe, as a result, many women end up staying with their abuser out of desperation. Born out of this need, Nisa Homes is the first and only transitional home (temporary shelter) for Muslim women and children in Canada. We currently operate three homes across Canada; in Mississauga, ON, Windsor, ON and Surrey, BC. We provide a safe place and assistance for at least three months as these women overcome trauma and homelessness. Our work has been featured in the Toronto Star, CBC Vancouver, CBC Windsor and The Link Canada.

What does Nisa Homes look like?
Nisa Homes looks just like any other home. The Calgary house is a home with three common areas, five bedrooms, three bathrooms, kitchen, laundry room, and a children’s play area. Plus an awesome and fun backyard! It is transit accessible, close to schools and other services. Our goal is to provide our clients with a homey, relaxed atmosphere where they can take time to focus on themselves.

Who comes to Nisa Homes?


Violence impacts every community regardless of religion, class, gender, ethnicity, race, orientation or ability. At Nisa Homes, we are especially equipped to support Muslim women and their children by providing religiously and culturally aware services. Typically a client at Nisa Homes will enter an emergency shelter or be referred to us by another organization before moving into Nisa Homes. Nisa Homes will provide her with full supports for around three to four months and guide our client to ensure they can leave the home safe and stable when we transition them out of Nisa Homes.

We pull all efforts into finding women permanent or long term housing. Finding housing for the women and children might mean that we look into private housing options or look for subsidized housing through Calgary Housing and Alberta Affordable Housing Programs. We continuously follow up with our clients, and provide referrals and resources where appropriate and necessary.  

How do we help women and children?

Our clients are women who have taken the courageous, difficult and dangerous step to regain control of their lives. They made this decision to provide safety for themselves and their children. Our safe house will support them in providing basic necessities, referrals, financial assistance, and counselling among other services. Nisa Homes offers referrals to support groups, the Calgary Food Bank, a weekly halaqa program, ESL classes, and more. We provide transitional support for women and children so they are able to successfully transition to self-sufficient lives. Below are the services offered at every home:


Why do we need a Nisa Homes in Calgary?

Calgary is a major city with a substantial and growing number of Muslims. According to the National Housing Survey in 2011, 5.2% of Calgarians were Muslim, since then the numbers have increased. Calgary needs this service as local community organizations, counsellors and religious leaders have received a significant amount of requests from women for safety and housing

Over the years, Alberta Council on Women's Shelters noted that in 2016, 22,000 women and children were denied shelter across Alberta because of overcapacity and 13,000 of them returned to their previous situation. Among these numbers are Muslim sisters and children who can utilize your support. At Nisa Homes we strive to empower women to rebuild their confidence and become self-sufficient. And to live in environments that are safe, healthy and nurturing. With your help, we can support our sisters.

How Can You Help

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