This Ramadan, help us open our 5th Nisa Homes location in Canada, in Edmonton, AB. Your help could mean changing the lives of up to 300 women and children a year!

Why Edmonton?

In 2018, our team conducted a study to determine the need in Edmonton as we had received quite a few calls from Edmonton as well as a few interested volunteers who wanted to start a Nisa Homes Edmonton chapter. Through this study we discovered the following:

  • Main causes for seeking assistance (percentages add to more than 100% as some women sought help for multiple reasons at the same time):

    1. Psychological and emotional abuse: 83.3%

    2. Physical abuse: 66.7%

    3. Sexual abuse: 50%

  • The overwhelming majority (90%) were unemployed primarily due to abuse but were actively looking for employment

  • The majority of women’s shelters exclusively assist women fleeing domestic abuse. Consequently, women who are experiencing homelessness for other reasons including eviction, poverty, or resettlement only have the homeless shelters to turn to. Many of these homeless shelters are often unsafe and uncomfortable environments for Muslim women and children.

  • Between 40-60% of women refused to go to a shelter when they were told that was their best option due to the stigma surrounding shelters. They instead chose to find alternative options such as staying with a friend or family member, or directly finding a rental, which meant less resources and support as they heal and overcome the trauma they faced.