Thank you for your interest in joining the NIsa Homes team! We are currently looking to fill the following positions:

1. LifeSkills Program Facilitator: Facilitate workshops as part of our LifeSkills program to provide residents with the necessary tools to live independently and self-sufficiently upon moving out. Training is provided.
2. Women’s & Children’s Activities (separate): Organize and facilitate fun and/or educational activities for the women and children (separately), such as cooking classes, fitness classes, sewing, homework club etc. (Must provide us with the activity or program you are looking to conduct).
3. Outreach: Assist in spreading the word about Nisa Homes to the community at large. This includes approaching mosques, imams, community centres, and other agencies for collaborations on events, workshops, booths or presentations. This also includes setting up booths at different events, attending events and meetings, as well as planning and hosting events in the community.
4. Grant Writer: As a registered charity, we are eligible for quite a few grants and funding opportunities by other charitable organizations, the government and even companies. We need assistance in searching for these funding opportunities and working with us to fill out and apply for these funds.
5. Housing Caseworker: Assist and provide guidance to residents in searching for, applying and securing housing.

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